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Sleep Paralysis Demon And Home Remedies of India

Sleep Paralysis Demon And Home Remedies of India

Sleep Paralysis Definition: - A person's hands and feet stop working when he is sleeping in or in a dream, and his sleep breaks, but even after waking he wants to move his organs but can not do so. This condition is called sleep paralysis.

A sleeping person is mainly in a different dimension. There must have very thorough research on this subject. At this stage, man is completely in deep sleep or dreams. This means that your brain is awake, but your body is in a dormant state. In this situation, the human brain transmits signals to the body parts, but they do not move because the body is still in sleep. Many times the human brain is awake and the body is inactive. In his waking mind, due to the body's lethargy, an illusion is produced. Because of this illusion, the body does not move, even if the brain try to move it

What causes Sleep Paralysis

  • sleeping position
  • Suffocation of thoughts
  • Half-hearted attention
  • It often happens with a mental patient.
  • Sleeping in an atmosphere filled with suffocation.
  • Stress or other domestic problem about which you think more
  • In sleep, an awakened part of the brain, which normally sleeps during the day.

Sleep Paralysis Demon 

Sometimes when some people are in sleep at night, they feel like someone has sat on them and captured their body. They think that the one who is sitting on them is a demon.

how to stop sleep paralysis
How to Stop Sleep Paralysis

Many times In the dream, something or person suppresses him. In this situation, his eyes get opened. But his conscience remains in the dream. His brain,  body, and thoughts do not work together. And the human body remains inactive. Although the organs like the heart are working, the signals of the brain are not followed. And man can not move his hands or foot. Then he feels a ghost is in the room or near his bed. This illusion is called sleep paralysis demon.

Sleep paralysis disorder

This is a simple phenomenon that occurs many times in every person's life. The common man should not pay much attention to this. But if someone has to face such a situation repeatedly, then this sleep can prove in paralysis disorder. It should be tested and treated by a qualified psychiatrist.

If someone is a victim of sleep disorders called sleep paralysis, then sleep paralysis demon often seen for a long time in the dreams at midnight. The affected person has more dreams and he sleeps even during the day. He is often scared that the same incident will happen again with him, this fear takes place in his mind.  

Sleep Paralysis Death 

Nobody dies because of this problem. If someone dies, then there may be other reasons like blood pressure or heart disease. This happens to many people around me. I never heard that sleep paralysis demon had ever killed someone.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis 

This is a normal mental condition that happens in the life of every person anytime. If you face this problem more times then you should use home remedies and sleeping tips we are telling you next. These home remedies are used in India and have a positive result. The rural community in India uses very simple tips for sleep paralysis. They don't think about any demon. If you use more than two sleeping tips, you will definitely stop sleep paralysis within weeks.  

Use of Water

Wash feet in cold water before sleeping. This thing seems very simple, but its effect falls directly on the brain. If there is a winter season in your area, then use lukewarm or hot water. According to Indian village quotes, the soles of the feet are related to the brain.

Sleeping Position 

Do not keep hand or elbows under the rest of your body when you sleep. Never sleep using your hands or elbows as a pillow under head or neck. If you sleep in such a situation then the danger of sleep paralysis will increase threefold. Do not sleep by kneeling upwards Your legs should be straight. If you're sleeping by turning legs, then your knees should be left or right.

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