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Top Home Remedies of India For Dry Eyes

Top Home Remedies of India For Dry Eyes

Definition of dry eye - The dry eye can be defined in such a manner, "A physical condition in which the ability to make tears in the eyes of a person becomes weak and the moisture content of the eyes diminishes. There is dryness all the time." With a dry eye, one person becomes incapable of making proper tears. This increases the chance of pain or itching in the eyes. We tell you simple home remedies for dry eyes.

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  1. Dry Eyes Symptoms
  2. Dry Eye Causes
  3. Dry EyeNatural Remedies

dry eyes home remedies

Tears are formed from many components such as water, protein, fatty oils, electrolytes, etc. The cover of the eye makes tears and moisture. In small quantities, tears are formed in the eyes all the time, and without this cover, there is no good sight. Tears protect our eyes from external particles. If there is a lack of production of tears in the eyes for some reason, they start experiencing dry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Skin in Eyes

  • Feeling grunted in the eyes and drying
  • Feeling a particle-like in eyes
  • Irritation and redness in the affected eye
  • Itching of eyes
  • Opacity of sight

Depending on the composition of the body, these symptoms can be different. It is a condition of the eyes that can vary from body to body with and in the future can lead to a severe infection or other diseases in the eyes. The sight begins to weaken. Dry eyes at night is a bigger problem. But Don't worry, We tell you the best natural remedies for Dryness in eyes.

Dry Eye Causes

The main cause of dry eye is the dryness and shrinks of the nerves, which exchanges moisture with the oxygen and blood in the microscopic form in the eyes from the side of the brain. Due to the dryness of the brain, the eye veins gradually dry up and shrink. If your eyes remain dry, you will have to make moisture and lubrication in the nerves of the brain. The same moisture and lubricant will start moving towards your eyes and your eyes will start to recover gradually.

Other Causes -

  1. Pollution
  2. More Time on computers
  3. Contact lens
  4. Lasic laser
  5. Repulsive disease
  6. Old age
  7. Drug use For Long Term
  8. vitamin A deficiency
  9. Arthritis or Diabetes-like illness
  10. Eyelid Related Problems

Top Natural Home Remedies For Dry Eyes 

Home Remedies for dry eyes are being explained. You should as many as you can. Your eyes will certainly be fine and without any expense.

Water in Mouth 

By using the right way of drinking water you can reduce dryness in the eyes, but first, you have to learn to make proper use of water. Wash your mouth in the morning as you wake up from sleep. Do not drink water. After washing the mouth thoroughly, fill the water and gently spray water on the eyes. For this, the use of fresh water in the pot will be better. Fill water in your face at least five times and hit the eyes on the eyes. But the water should be clean. His ph level should also be around 7. RO Water can be used.

How Does This Work 

The eyes, ears, and throat are interconnected. Alkaline saliva comes out from our tongue. When we fill the water in the mouth, saliva is mixed in that water. The microcells of the mouth absorb oxygen as well as saliva. In the mouth cells, this ability is higher than other cells. Thus, the absorbed oxygen can reach the eyes.

Secondly, the saliva of this oxygen also goes towards the eyes and helps in reducing the presence of acid in the eyes. The coolness in the eyes increases. Make this remedy at least seven times a day. After three months the effect will be obvious.

Tea is Slow Poison 

Stop drinking tea because it is a slow poison that drains the body from the inside. If some of the rough tea is boiled in milk, you can never get butter from that milk. Dogs do not generally take tea, If they start drinking tea then the chances of itching will increase fifty times more. Tea brings dryness throughout the body. If you want to fix the dry eyes problem you will have to stop taking tea for a minimum period of four months. What if you cannot do this, then decrease the drink of tea half.

Gap While on Computer 

Those who work on computers should look at something else in every 30 minutes so that the eye can take some rest. And do not play video games because the games harm your eyes many times more than computer work. Today the video games are becoming fast the cause of dry eyes. The eye blinks reduce up to 2 when anybody plays games online.

Use of Palm Rubbing

Rub the palms each other and touch to warm closed eyes. Use this activity several times a day. Sprinkle water in the eyes, and fill water in the mouth. After that, rub the palms together and keep warm palms on the eyes. This method works a lot.

Ghee of Indigenous White Cow

Ghee of indigenous white cow is similar to nectar. Its use brings natural moisture in the eyes and also prevents other diseases.

How to Use

Put a drop of cow's ghee in the eyes every night. If there are some problems in your eyes, then understand that there is a chronic infection in your eyes. Then do not use ghee in the eyes. Use artificial tears for some time and stop using artificial tears or any other eye drop gradually.

Indigenous white cow's ghee - Much More Than the Nectar 

Massage the soles of the feet every night and massage it in the navel and around it circularly. To bring moisture in all the organs above the throat, ghee is applied in the navel. The ghee applied in the navel is completely lost in the nerves of the body and also has the ability to open the closed nerves. The best way to open and lubricate the nerves of the whole body is by applying ghee in the naval. Ghee in the soles of the feet goes towards the last point of the head. It opens the nerves that come in the way.

Pour 5-10 drops of the Indigenous white cow's ghee in the nose and bow the head downwards. You can do this up to five times a day. Ghee from the nose leads directly to the eyes and the brain. It increases flexibility and moisture in the nerves of the brain. As a result of this, the blood circulation begins to recover in the deep veins of the brain. Enough moisture and oxygen and coolness in the veins start going from the brain side towards the eyes. All the veins of the eyes begin to open and the problem of dry eyes gradually ends. very simple method; but why don't the medical science realize this?

Eye Blinking  

Try to speed up the blink of your eyes. Blink 25 times in one minute. Blinking in eyes causes lubrication in the eyes and moisture expands.

Home Remedies

  • Take 200 grams almonds, 150 grams fennel, and 150 grams of sugar candy. Take 4 grams of powder with water two to three times a day. Use the powder for seven months. The moisture content of the eyes will increase. The coolness will reach the brain and eyes. Stomach diseases will cure. Do not use tea and tamarind during this period if you want to get full advantage.
  • Take 20 almonds and 5 black pepper. Soak them in the water at night. Grind it in the morning and take it with ghee. Drink milk after this. Do not add sugar in the milk. Use sugar candy in it.

  • Eye Drop - Take five grams of white onion juice. Take only white onion juice. Take five grams of lemon juice and 2 grams of ginger juice. Add 20 grams of honey to this. Filter it and put it in a glass vial. Insert two droppings from the dropper into the eyes. Wash your eyes with water ten minutes before. And when you wash your eyes, fill your mouth with water. 15 minutes after the use of drops, wash your eyes the same way. This homemade eyedrop has a great effect on all eye diseases. It removes many eye diseases and enhances eyesight.

Bottom line

Dry eyes treatment is simple if you use the right things in the right direction. Always try to root out the cause of a problem. Home remedies for dry eyes work well and the result is always good. Although it may take some more time, the cure is guaranteed. The post is basically in Hindi, so there might be any translation problem If you didn't understand anything, please comment. Don't forget to share the article.  


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