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How to Stop a Runny Nose in Daily Routine?

How to stop a runny nose? The answer is, 'At home, do it yourself'. Yes, stop the runny nose of toddlers with Indian health tips. The natural treatment of India is going to help you free of cost.

How to Stop a Runny Nose

how to stop a runny nose
sneezing and runny nose

Running nose is a problem, which causes neither sleep nor good work. The sick nose makes trouble due to cold or any other reason. In the problem of runny nose, phlegm increases in the nose. Increased cuff (mucus) exits through the nasal passage. The nose flows due to changes in the weather and cold. This causes a lot of trouble. It takes two to three days to recover. If the running nose is not cured in this period, then you can take advantage of these measures. I am giving health information, collected from rural Indian villages. They have no side effects.

Runny Nose Causes

There are many reasons for the runny nose. The main reason is allergic infection. Anyone can be caught in the grip of this allergic infection. If a woman or child has a problem of the nostril, then normally it is automatically cured within two to four days. There may be several reasons behind when the nose continues to flow and there is no relief from medication. First of all, the reasons should be detected. Then the runny nose will be given natural treatment. There may be some possible reasons for this: -

  • Due to winter: - Winter season comes, most members get cold in every house. Many women do not take care of their bodies during work hours. They get colder. They work with the runny nose and they have nose infections. As a result, the runny nose is not cured and creates more physical problems like pain in the body, fever, severe headache, etc.
  • Sinus Infection: - The nose is often flowing due to the sinus.
  • Allergic Infections: - This is the most prominent cause of a runny nose. Due to this, if the nostril is blowing then it is cured after a long time. It is necessary to take the immediate medication in this condition.
  • Changing the weather: - Many people fall short of the weather. His nose starts flowing. The bodies of some people are sensitive to changing the weather. But it quickly gets better.
  • Sudden Contact with cold air: - This can also be a problem, due to sudden contact with cold air. In India, it is called Jharka (jhubkaa).
  • Drinking chilled water while hard work: - some people have a habit of drinking water right away. If someone is working hard. His body is perspiring. And he drinks water without taking rest for some time. When the body is warm inside, and the cold water goes into the stomach, the body temperature becomes unbalance. This is a very big reason for a runny nose.

How to stop a runny nose in class

Your child goes to school. His nose is blowing. Instead of reading the book he will think, "How to stop runny nose in class?" Due to the runny nose, the child becomes so disturbed that the head starts having pain. He cannot properly pay attention to the teacher's talk. Follow some tips to solve this problem: -
  1. While going to school, give at least two handkerchiefs and some tissue papers to your child. Give him something which can do the job of dustbin for him.
  2. Tie the roasted celery in the cotton cloth and give him. The schoolboy will sniff it repeatedly in the classroom. This home remedy is very good and does a good job.
  3. Ask the child to cover the mouth and throat in the class. By doing so, he will not be exposed to cold air outside and his body temperature will be fine.

How to get rid of a runny nose overnight

The nose flowing during the night is very disturbing. The mucus is formed frequently during the patient's sleep. The patient gets complete comfort from taking the steps described below. Sniffing of turmeric smoke at night is a bit more comfortable. The smell of turmeric may be a bit of a hassle while smelling, but the result of this natural remedy is very good.

How to stop a Running Nose Instantly

  1. Burn two grams of turmeric powder on the gas. Keep the gas flame low. The smell of this turmeric will come out. You have to smell this smoke. Sniff several times a day Whose nose is closed, will open in a minute. Having the smell three times, runny nose dries and you feel will healthy.
  2. If more phlegm is in nasal area and throat, heat one cup of water, add half a gram turmeric, and one black pepper and one piece of ginger. Drink this water lukewarm three or four times a day. This is a fast relief remedy for a running nose.
  3. Take one spoon of mustard oil. Heat it. Take a note(drop) of this oil in the nose with the help of a dropper. Do this four or five times a day. The cough of your nose will be cleared.
  4. Take one kilogram of hot water and add three spoons of rock salt to it. Wash mouth and nose well with this water. After washing the mouth, wipe with a cotton cloth or a towel. After this, relax for twenty to sixty minutes under the blanket. During this period do not get in touch with the cold air outside the house. Repeating this natural treatment three times a day will stop nose bleeding. After washing your face with salt water, stay in your house. Because this salt water is warm in tendency. 
  5. In 400 ml water, add two pinch turmeric powder, four black pepper and a piece of ginger and boil. Take a look at this boiling water and have steam on the face. Do it for ten minutes. During this period, have a towel above your head. This is the easiest way to stop the running nose.
  6. Sucking मुलहठी (An Indian Herb - mulethi) can cure running nose, cold, cough, and colds,.
  7. Heat two-three spoon celery. Then codify it and wrap it in clothes. You smell this celery. You keep smelling it repeatedly. The drifting nose will be cured.

How to stop running nose in toddler

The problem of runny nose in small children persists continuously. It is difficult to give them medicines. What should you do to stop his running nose? There are some tips for you that you can use to stop baby runny nose with a home remedy.
  1. If the child is small and drinks mother's milk, then fry a bud of garlic black. Mix the ash with honey and make the baby lick. Do the solution before sleeping at night.
  2. Before the baby's mother sleeps at night, she should drink milk and ginger. Ginger tea can also be taken.
  3. Make use of the Cough Mixture. You can read about it in the post on the health topic 'cough'.


In Indian natural treatment, there many simple home remedies. You can get relief and stop a runny nose. There is no side effect of these remedies. We will be back with more simple and effective tips. 
                                                           Thank you.

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