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Calories in Grapes And Other Health Benefits

"How many calories are in grapes?" Let's know about grapes calories and the health benefits of them. These are pure healthy fruits that are full of nutrients and are a boon for those are ill. There are almost equal calories in green grapefruit, black grapes and red grapes. Use any grapes you get in the market.

calories of grapes

Calories in Grapes

There are three types of grapes. Red grapes, green grapes, and black grapes. All of these contain a small difference in the number of calories. They can be used in many ways. You can wash grapes and eat directly. They can be taken in the juice form. They can be used as fruits chaat. Grapes jelly is also healthy food.
I will also give you information regarding the grapes calories and also about other nutrients of grapes. Grapes are Healthy fruits which are generally available in every country of the world. There are 67 calories in 100 gm grapes. These calories spend about 10 minutes walking on foot.

                    Calories in grapes - 67 calories

                    Carbs in grapes - 17 g

                    Quantity of Fat in Grapes - 0.4 g

                    Quantity of Saturated Fat - 0.1 g

                    Quantity of Polyunsaturated Fat - 0.1 g

                    Quantity of Monounsaturated Fat - 0 g

                    Potassium in grapes - 191 mg

                    Iron in grapes - 0.3 mg

                    Protein in grapes - 0.6 g

                    Carbohydrates in grapes - 17 g

                    Sugar in Grapes - 16 g

                    Dietary Fiber - 0.9 g

                    Vitamin A in grapes - 100  IU

                    Vitamin C in grapes - 4 mg

                    Vitamin b-6 in grapes -  0.1 mg

                    Magnesium in grapes - 5 mg

                    Cholesterole in grapes - 0 mg

                    Sodium  - 2 mg

Calories in Green Grapes

In the green grapes, there are slightly more calories than red and black grapes. There are 69 calories in 100 gm grapes. Green grapes are high in sourness. Therefore, the amount of Vitamin C is slightly higher.

Calories in Red Grapes With Healthy Nutrients

calories in red grapes

Red grapes are very sweet and vitamin C is less. In this, the amount of calories is almost the same.
We had a talk on the health topic. Next, I am telling you about the general health benefits of grapes. You learn about them and take advantage of them.

Health Benefits of Grapes

Blood circulation - 

Drinking grapes juice increases blood circulation in the body. It gives benefits in acne. Blood pressure is fine and the body gets pure new blood. Drinking a cup of grapes per day reduces the weakness and creates new blood.


The bleeding in the nose is a physical problem. In ordinary language, blood flow from the nose occurs as the result increased heat in the body or in the brain.

Make a decoction of grapes leaves and drink every day for the health of the kidneys. His pain will be relaxed. His urination blockage will be cured and urine

Grapes should be eaten with black pepper and black salt in the stomach ache. It removes harmful substances from the body. The digestive system is strong and boon for the liver.

Anemia in Pregnancy

It is common for pregnant women to have a shortage of blood. More than 70% of women suffer from a lack of blood during pregnancy. Grapes play an enchanting role for them. Drink one cup or two cups of grapes juice mixed with a pinch of black pepper powder. The lack of blood will be cured and the glow on the face will increase.

Heart Diseases - 

Grapes contain sodium and potassium. Grape juice makes the heartbeat normal. Grapes decrease the likelihood of everyday cardiovascular diseases and the obstruction in the cardiovascular arteries begins to open. But for this, the grapes should be eaten at a fixed time for several months.

Low blood pressure - 

grapes health benefits

Grapes juice good in this disease.


In this pain, the person gets very upset. For this, the grapes should be consumed at regular intervals. If the grapes juice is drunk before the sun comes out in the morning, it is very high beneficial.

Baby Growing New Teeth  - When small children's teeth get out, children suffer many problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, excess anger, etc. This period in children runs for several months. During this period, give the child a half cup of grapes juice. There will not be any problem and teeth will come out easily.

Uric Acid Increases

If you feel the increase in uric acid in the blood, then grapes juice is the best medicine. Mix some rock salt in grapes juice and drink every day. The uric acid particles melt in some days and then they get out of the body.


There is only one prevention in the consumption of grapes. Benefits for the body in grapes are the benefits. There is no harm to them. Do not drink water for half an hour before eating grapes and 40 minutes later. Do not take any other drink with it. This is the only prevention in its consumption.


There are almost equal calories in green grapefruit, black grapes and red grapes. Use any grapes you get in the market and get health benefits of grapes.

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